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Virtual Learning at Archie R-V

Virtual Learning at Archie R-V

The Archie R-V School District provides opportunities for virtual learning opportunities. Archie R-V Schools have partnered with the Acellus program for some of the online courses that are being offered. You may learn more about Acellus by visiting their website (Here).

Students who are interested in taking courses virtually must:

  1. Meet eligibility requirements
  2. Obtain approval for enrollment in accordance with Board Policy

To be eligible, a student must:

  1. Reside in and enroll in the district on a full-time basis.
  2. Have attended a public school for at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling in virtual courses, and
  3. Have his/her enrollment approved by the principal

Students interested in enrolling in virtual courses should consult with the school building's counselor and/or principal for more information.

The district is not obligated to provide any additional resources for students to take virtual courses.

Students may be denied the opportunity to take an online course if it is not in the student's best educational interest. Reasons for denying a request may include, but are not limited to: a lack of time-management skills by the student, a pattern of repeatedly not completing assignments and/or coursework, the student has previously attempted a virtual course and struggled or failed the class, the course is not aligned to the student's individual career and academic plan, and other possible reasons not listed here.

All Board Policies are available through the school district website, or you may access the Virtual Courses Policy by (Board Site Link.)

Archie R-V School District participates in Virtual Learning as part of MOCAP. Anyone wishing for more information on MOCAP may(Click Here).